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SCISA Clubs and Societies


Clubs and Societies

  • SCISA Entrepreneurs Hub
  • WiSe Leadership Club
  • SCISA Health Club
  • SCISA Community Police
  • SCISA Book Club
  • Speech SCISA
  • SCISA Drama Club



The SCISA Entrepreneurship Hub (A hub for innovation and advancement) prepares students to create, assemble, and maintain a business endeavor. It also serves as a platform for businesses to develop and upgrade their products and services. The club seeks to provide opportunities for members to work and study. Our goal is to expose individuals from a variety of backgrounds to new ideas, mentors, and methods while teaching them how to recognize opportunities, solve problems, and scale solutions. We look forward to inspiring, motivating, and developing the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.



- The mission of the SCISA Entrepreneurship Hub is to assist students (members) in encouraging their thoughts and educating them on becoming business visionaries.

- The club seeks to support the advancement of quality entrepreneurs who will compete in local and global markets, ensuring that its members are familiar with entrepreneurial learning concepts such as action-orientation and experience, mistakes, crises and failures, reflection on experience, opportunities and problem solving, uncertainty, ambiguity and emotional exposure, social practice and social engagement, self-efficiency, and intentionality.



- The club aims to form productive partnerships and formidable networks with the KNUST Incubation Hive, Kumasi Hive, and Campus Business Front to train its members with appropriate business insights and entrepreneurship skills.

- To empower students with the necessary tools and guidance to develop entrepreneurial mindsets through seminars from start-up founders or industry experts.

- The club seeks to formulate strategies for effective management, empowering its members with tools, skills, and resources for outstanding leadership and management in their entrepreneurial journey.

- Elevate the way its members think as they take risks, make mistakes, understand feedback, and learn to pivot to succeed beyond the classroom.

- Provide avenues for its members to work and study, offering affluent opportunities to like-minded individuals to apply what they have learned, accumulate practical experience, and build their social network at the same time.

- To solicit financial aid and legal help from alumni and public authorities to support the dreams and goals of its members.



WiSe Leadership Club is a student-run club that aims to engage, empower, and provide a forum for discussion, collaboration, and innovation among women from various backgrounds, disciplines, and career paths. Members will be guided through contemporary ideas on leadership, career planning, negotiation, and management. They will also develop a greater understanding of themselves and their impact on others. Members will be well-equipped to overcome barriers that can exist in the workplace and hinder professional growth.



- Our vision is to encourage women in the College of Science at all levels to develop their natural abilities to their fullest potential and equip them to excel as leaders in any setting they find themselves.

- We aim to provide a transformative experience that develops leadership competencies, cultivates a spirit of collaboration, and amplifies the power of women's voices.

- We strive to fill the pipeline with confident and competent female leaders in the Association through accessible educational programming.



- We partner with the Reformers Mentorship Program to mentor women in the Association, enabling them to become responsible, reliable, and impact-oriented individuals.

- Our mission is to develop women in science into ethical, innovative, responsible, and civic-minded leaders who contribute positively to the college, KNUST, Ghana, and the world at large.

- We aim to train our members that the potential for leadership resides within everyone and can grow through continuous nurturing.

- We collaborate with SCISA WOCOM to promote the proportion of seats held by women in the college at the departmental level and the college as a whole. This will result in building WiSe leaders who will occupy key positions in the Association.



The Office of Health Services enthusiastically upholds the college's mission of advancing scholastic excellence and personal development through health awareness, counseling, and outside referral. A healthy student body ensures student enrollment and retention, and the Office of Health Services provides an open-door and confidential setting for medical assistance and assessment.


To improve the health of the student population, it is necessary to take action at both the individual and systemic levels. Therefore, our mission has two folds:

  • Empowerment of individuals for health.
  • Partnership and support to the healthcare system.


Empowering individuals for health is a fundamental precondition for improving not only personal health but also the health status of the entire student population. In line with this, the association's health mission focuses its activities on:

  • Raising awareness and educating the population on health promotion, prevention of risk factors, and control of diseases of major public health importance.
  • Providing clear and evidence-based information on current public health issues and priorities, using various means of communication to reach SCISANS.
  • Strengthening individual capacities for better control over and improvement of their own and community health.


Partnership and support to the healthcare system are another important factor in improving the health of the student body. To this end, we:

  • Identify public health issues and advocate for their solutions.
  • Conduct research.
  • Develop and implement projects that offer effective solutions, with the potential to be integrated into the healthcare system.
  • Establish cooperation with domestic and international organizations that have similar missions and goals.



Clubs provide a great opportunity for cadets to enhance their professional development by taking on additional leadership roles, managing personnel and financial resources, and learning administrative and logistics skills. Participation in club programs can take cadets on unexpected journeys. Many cadets get involved with clubs to find and foster new friendships while pursuing their areas of interest.



The aim of this club is to develop in SCISANS the attributes of good citizenship and leadership, promote physical fitness, and stimulate youth interest in the sea, land, and air activities of the Ghana Forces. It is also our vision to enhance and preserve the quality of the learning experience for each member of our association by actively working together to provide a safe and secure environment. We recognize that effective college security is achieved by establishing a professional and trusting relationship with those whom we serve.



The SCISA Community Police’s mission is to foster feelings of safety and personal comfort in which to learn, live, work, and grow. We will accomplish our mission by collaborating with the faculty, staff, and students at the college and by partnering with other groups and organizations in the community to provide services in a professional and courteous manner. We will ensure that all those we serve are treated with dignity and respect.



Many people love to read, but it can be challenging to find someone to discuss the book they are reading, especially if it falls into an uncommon genre. A book club is a reading group that typically consists of several people who read and engage in discussions about books based on a specific topic or agreed-upon reading list. It is common for book clubs to select a particular book to read and discuss together.

The aim of this club is to create a home for writers and readers within the association, where they can freely engage in discussions without the worry of finding someone to talk about the books they have read or written. Additionally, the club will ensure that its members have access to books that will enrich, improve, and transform their lives.



Speech SCISA is here to connect, support, and inspire SCISANS, committed to empowering students through speech and debate. We envision providing speech and debate programs that involve various departments within the association, as well as other colleges and universities, to foster students' communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and skills.

The club aims to help students progress through different ranks, starting from novice, then advancing to junior varsity, and ultimately reaching varsity level. They will have opportunities to participate in larger competitions, moving from local to district, and ultimately competing in national tournaments.

Furthermore, the club will help students become more informed about political and global affairs, while also providing a venue for them to train for debate competitions with local schools or at the national level.



The goal of the Drama Club is to use drama to teach the student body (SCISANS) about themselves, their program of study, its implications, interacting with others, expressing their creativity, and the power of confidence. Additionally, the aim of SCISA Drama Club is to engage SCISANS through drama, raising awareness and facilitating the search for durable solutions to social, economic, and civic issues that hinder development, ultimately leading to attitudinal change. Members of the club will receive comprehensive training in development methodologies and practices.

SCISA Drama Club also seeks to provide avenues for students to showcase their talents, assist SCISANS in discovering their own talents, and offer necessary equipment, training, and counseling. We achieve this by partnering with drama companies, such as Drama Queens, Adehye Drama Club, and various drama celebrities seen on television and social media platforms.