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College IT Office

The College Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Systems Analyst is Patrice Vasco Asamoah .


  • Facilitate work by offering training and assistance in ICT services


Core objectives

  • Identification of business processes , analyze them for possible optimization
  • Enhancing internet/intranet access via wireless or wired means
  • Expediting information dissemination via SMS, email etc.
  • Training on staff on the use of in-house software applications and other basic ICT skills.
  • Facilitate the students’ registration process, teaching, research  and learning
  • Maintenance of ICT equipment


  • Services we offer
  1.    Analyze the current trends of business processes and see if there can be possible automation
  2.    Train personnel on new applications developed by the UITS- applications unit
  3.    Assist the College Exams Officer in the generation of centralised teaching time table i.e. with the use of a software application
  4.    Troubleshooting  of network  i.e. internet/intranet related issues
  5.     Handling of Staff electronic- mail issues
  6.     Management of the College/departmental website
  7.     Coordinating procurement of ICT equipment
  8.     Coordinating the maintenance and repairs of ICT hardware
  9.     Assist in the processes of students’  registration
  10.     Orientation of freshmen and women on ICT use on KNUST Campus
  11.     Generation of ad-hoc reports for management
  12.     Advice on ICT matters at College Board meetings
  13.     Assist students by offering guidance in ICT related projects – i.e. selecting useful software application for them, project topics, offering tutorials
  14.      Facilitate information dissemination via SMS, email etc.
  15.      Offer IT system auditing services
  16.      Offer community service in the area of ICT
  17.      Mentoring of National Service Personnel and Interns in the area of ICT
  18.      Managing Transcript generation
  19.      Management of ICT Labs


  • Future trends /developments

The College is setting up a Hardware and Maintenance Service centre under the auspices of the IT office to oversee data recovery and hardware repairs - i.e. troubleshooting, maintenance, etc.

In the near future, the unit under the service-to-community module of the College shall adopt selected institutions for mentoring and support.


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Locate our office

Aboagye Menyeh Complex

Third Floor - TF19


Contact Us:

Mr. Patrice Vasco Asamoah