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World IP Day With Professor Jacob K. Agbenorhevi

Prof. Jacob Agbenorhevi

College: Science | Department: Food Science and Technology

Title of Research: Extraction and Applications of Okra Pectin

Research Summary:

The mucilage or polysaccharide content (known as pectin) of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) is of major technological interest for food, non-food and medicinal applications. The research sought to isolate and characterize different okra genotypes for their yield, physicochemical, structural, rheological properties, emulsifying properties and potential applications. Okra genotypes provide pectin (11-20%) with different structural and functional properties that can be used as new functional ingredient in the food or pharmaceutical industries. The findings show that okra pectin is a suitable emulsifier for chocolate making. It can also be exploited as disintegrants in immediate release tablet formulations.

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