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School on Air Quality and Pollution Prevention in Ghana

Air pollution

From October 21 to November 4, 2023, the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science, KNUST hosted a comprehensive 'School on Air Quality and Pollution Prevention' in collaboration with the University of Leeds. The School, funded by the Clean Air Fund, integrated theoretical studies, practical sessions, community engagements, and school outreach activities.

Theoretical Sessions: The program offered comprehensive theoretical sessions encompassing diverse topics related to air quality, pollution prevention, and climate science. Lectures, seminars, and discussions provided participants with in-depth knowledge and a solid theoretical foundation.

Practical Training: Complementing theoretical learning, the school included hands-on practical sessions. Participants engaged in activities such as air quality monitoring, pollutant analysis, and instrumentation techniques, allowing for the practical application of acquired knowledge.

Community Engagements: Recognizing the importance of community involvement, the school organized initiatives to engage with local communities. Participants interacted with community members to raise awareness, share knowledge, and collaborate on local solutions for air quality issues.

School Outreach: Extending their efforts beyond the campus, the school embarked on outreach activities to the Sakafia Islamic Senior High School and Kumasi Anglican Senior High School; fostering awareness and understanding of air quality issues among the younger generation.

The maiden edition of the School on Air Quality and Pollution Prevention which was held, brought together a total of 50 participants from academia and industry. The School also welcomed various facilitators from Africa, Europe and USA. With the knowledge acquired during this period, participants have been empowered to go out and serve as Air Quality Ambassadors and Activists to help ensure "Clean Air for All".