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Professor Matthew Glover Addo is an Associate Professor of Microbiology in the Department of Theoretical and Applied Biology and the current Dean of the Faculty of Biosciences. He gained admission into the then University of Science and Technology (UST), now Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Kumasi, in 1988 and completed the BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences programme in 1992 with a Second Class (Upper Division). In 1992/93 Academic year, Prof. Addo was retained at the Biological Sciences Department for his National Service as a Teaching Assistant.

In August 1993 and after his National Service, he was awarded a Norwegian Government Scholarship to study Biotechnology where he obtained both the Candidatus Magesterii (BSc) and Candidatus Scientiarum (MSc) in 1996 and 1998 respectively the University of Bergen, Norway.

Prof. Addo was appointed as a lecturer in 2002 and in 2008, obtained a French Government Scholarship to study for the joint Doctor of Science/Doctor of Philosophy degrees at the prestigious Université Paris Sud IX, Paris, France and KNUST, Kumasi respectively. He completed the doctorate programme in May, 2011. During the doctorate research programme he designed an efficient screening method for the identification of genes involved in the mitochondrial genome stability using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model organism. He worked with the Functions and Dysfunction of Mitochondrial group of the Institute of Genetics and Microbiology where for the first time, he identified four (4) new nuclear genes (Y105E8A.23, dnj-10, atad-3, and phi-37) involved in mitochondrial stability.

He has been conducting research into the microbial profile and antibiotic usage with patients with chronic wounds and Urinary Tract Infections in some health facilities in Ghana. He is  also researching on haematological predictors of malaria infection, using modelling and also identification of biomarkers of infectious bites capable of assessing the human parasite-vector interactions in order to develop sero-survellance tools for estimating transmission intensity; as well as conducting a baseline study of the quality of drinking water delivery systems in some Metropolis in Ghana as well as investigating into some resident microorganisms causing spoilage in some locally produced non-alcoholic beverages and some street foods in Ghana.

He has refereed a number of articles for publication in journals such as the Journal of Biotechnological Research, Clinical Biotechnology and Microbiology, International Journal of Pathogen Research, International Journal of Current Research, AAS Open Research Journal, Malaria Research and Treatment, International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Science, Microbiology Research Journal International, African Journal of Microbiology Research and International Journal of Biology among others.

He was voted as the Best Senior Member (Teaching) by the College of Science in its maiden Excellence Award in 2018.

Professor Addo is an academic with considerable experience in University teaching, collaborative research, vast institutional management experience, board room experience, and headship/membership of high-profile Boards.

Below is the list of some services rendered to the University, the Nation and the International Community.


Dean of Faculty of Biosciences  2020 – Date 
Hall Master, Republic Hall of Residence.  2016
Vice-Dean, Faculty of Biosciences, College of Science 2017 – 2020
Head of Department, Theoretical and Applied Biology. 2016 – 2020
Senior Tutor, Republic Hall of Residence. 2013 – 2016
College of Science Examinations Officer. 2011 – 2014
Faculty of Biosciences Examinations Officer  2005 – 2008 
Dep’t of Biological Sciences Examinations Officer 2004 – 2005
College of Science Examinations Audit Team (Chairman) 2014 – 2019


Chairmanship of Boards/Committees            


Chairman, Faculty of Biosciences Board. 2020- Date
Chairman, Department of Theoretical and Applied Biology Board. 2016 -2020
Chairman, Planning Committee; Congregation Dinner and 5th KNUST Excellence Awards Ceremony   2020
Chairman, Committee to Evaluate the Conduct of Examinations  2020
Chairman, PhD Visual Communication Design Proposal Review Committee. 2020
Chairman, C’ttee to develop course content for MPhil. Radiation Biology 2019
Chairman, Committee to regulate food vending at the IDL Accra Campus 2015
Chairman, College of Science Audit Team, 2014-2019
Chairman, Committee for the Harmonization of Microbiology Course Content in the College of Science. 2018
Chairman, Roadmap for the Molecular Biology Committee 2019
Chairman, Committee to investigate allegations of Examinations malpractices against three Institute of Distance Learning (IDL) Students, 2015
Chairman, Committee to investigate allegations of Examinations malpractices against six Institute of Distance Learning (IDL) students, September,    Septemeber, 2014
Chairman, Committee for Drafting New Programme for the Department of Theoretical and Applied Biology 2014
Chairman, Two-Member Team to vet list of Internal and External Examiners, College of Science, KNUST 2011
Chairman, Committee for Reconciliation of IDL Nursing Results 2015

Membership of Boards/Committees                             


Member, KNUST Obuasi Campus Board 2021
Member, College of Science Appointment and Promotion Committee 2020-Date
Member, KNUST Search Committee for Provost for the Colleges of Agriculture, Humanities and Social Science, and Health Sciences. 2020
Scrutineer, Election of KNUST Pro Vice-Chancellor    2020
Member, College of Science Graduate Thesis Review Committee 2019-Date
Member, Academic Board. (Professorial Rep.), CoS.  2019-Date
Member, Academic Board. (Non-Prof. Rep.), CoS. 2012-2014
Member, Residence Committee, KNUST.  2019-2021
Member, College of Science Representative on Undergraduate Admission Committee  2017-2019
Member. College of Science Board.  2016-Date
Member, Institute of Distance Learning Board. 2014-2019
Member, Faculty of Bioscience, College of Science  2016-Date
Member, Committee to Review & Streamline Administrative Dep’t/Offices 2019
Member, Ad Hoc Committee to review and regulate Teaching and Examinations Time Tables and use of classrooms across the University 2019-Date
Member, Republic Hall Council, KNUST 2012-2020
Member, Committee to investigate allegations of Examinations malpractices against six Institute of Distance Learning (IDL) students January 2014
Member, Committee to investigate alleged irregularities in CHEM 169 marks for Petrochemical Engineering I, in the Department of Chemical Engineering. 2016
Member, IDL Time Tabling Committee  2015
Member, Examinations Coordinating Committee 2011-2013
Member, Committee on Restructuring of College of Science to the Three-Tier System  2015
Member, Committee to Develop a Proposal for Special dispensation for Distance Learning Students (IDL)  2015
Member, Distance Learning Students (IDL) Examinations Task Force (Examinations Committee) 2014-2019
Member, Republic Hall Maintenance Committee  2014-2016
Member, Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources 2005-2008
Member, Proposal Review Panel of St. Karol School of Nursing 2014
Member, Proposal Review Panel of Accra Polytechnic 2014


Chairman, 4th Annual Scientific Conference of the West African Postgraduate College of Environmental Health, Accra, 2019
Chairman, Curriculum Review Committee. Korle-Bu School of Hygiene. 2017
Chief Examiner for Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) 2013-2014
Moderator, General Science Paper for the University College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies 2015
Moderator, Schools of Hygiene, Korle-Bu 2015-Date
Moderator, Schools of Hygiene, Tamale 2017-Date
Moderator, Schools of Hygiene, Ho  2017-Date
Member, Governing Council of the Spiritan University College (KNUST representative) 2020-2022
Member, Academic Board of the Data Link Institute of Business and Technology, Accra  2020-2022
Member, Appointments and Promotions Committee of the Data Link Institute of Business and Technology, Accra 2020-2022
Member, National Accreditation Board’s Committee for the Re-Accreditation of Programmes at the University of Education, Winneba 2019
Member, Proposal Review Panel of St. Karol School of Nursing 2014
Member, Proposal Review Panel of Accra Polytechnic  2014

Congratulations to Professor Mathew Glover Addo!

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