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The Prof. Amekudzi Interdepartmental Quiz Competition: Celebrating Intellectual Excellence at KNUST's College of Science


The highly anticipated Prof. Amekudzi Interdepartmental Quiz Competition, an annual event organized by the Science Students' Association (SCISA) in the College of Science, KNUST, has concluded its second successful edition. Held in honour of the college's provost, Prof. Leonard Amekudzi, the event took place at the Allotey Auditorium of the College on July 28, 2023.

QuizThe competition which was sponsored by Kingdom Books, drew an enthusiastic and diverse group of participants eager to showcase their intellect and knowledge across various disciplines. The event was structured into two stages: the preliminary and thrilling final rounds.

During the preliminary stage on June 28, 2023, all twelve departments of the College of Science competed in groups of four. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as contestants from each department displayed their expertise, making it a captivating battle of wits. The top-performing department from each group earned a spot in the finals, adding to the intensity and anticipation of the upcoming face-off.

cempetIn the first edition of the competition, the Environmental Science Students' Association (ENSSA) emerged victorious, while the second round saw the Optometry Students' Association of Ghana (OSSAG) claim the top spot. In the third competition, the Ghana Biochemistry Students’ Association (GHABSA) showcased their brilliance and secured a well-deserved victory.

Exactly a month later, on July 28, 2023, the three finalists, ENSSA, OSSAG, and GHABSA, locked horns at the Allotey Auditorium. Moderated by Master Kojo Acheampong, Vice President of SCISA for the 2021/2022 academic year, the final round of the competition put the contestants' knowledge of general science and information about KNUST and the College of Science to the test. The riveting contest kept everyone on the edge of their seats, marvelling at the depth of knowledge displayed by the participants.

Provost Ultimately, GHABSA emerged as the champions, successfully defending their title from the previous year. Their stellar performance and exceptional grasp of diverse subjects earned them not only the admiration of their peers but also a coveted array of prizes. The winners were bestowed with medals, a gleaming trophy, and a cash prize of 500GHC, all generously sponsored by the competition's namesake, Prof. Leonard Amekudzi. As a mark of appreciation for his unwavering commitment to the academic and general welfare of the college's students, the provost was presented with a special portrait by the General Secretary of SCISA, Chelsea Owusu.

scisaThe first runner-up, ENSSA, was rewarded with medals and a cash prize of 300GHC, while the second runner-up, OSSAG, received medals and a cash prize of 200GHC. Looking back at the Prof. Amekudzi Quiz Competition, it left an indelible impression on all involved, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and intellectual excellence among students, faculty, and sponsors alike. The event proved to be an unforgettable journey of the mind, enriching participants and spectators with the power of education and the pursuit of knowledge.

With the resounding success of this year's competition, the Prof. Amekudzi Interdepartmental Quiz has firmly established itself as a cherished tradition at KNUST's College of Science, inspiring and motivating future generations to excel academically and embrace the spirit of healthy competition. As the academic community eagerly anticipates the next edition, the legacy of the quiz competition continues to shine brightly, celebrating the pursuit of intellectual growth and the joy of learning.