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Outdoor Learning Space for Students in College of Science

College of Science creates Outdoor Learning Space for Students

The College of Science (CoS) has created Outdoor Learning Space for students. This is to create or redesign the learning space for students to learn since everyone student has a different learning style.

The Librarian, Mr. Richard Bruce Lamptey emphasized that, some people prefer the learning commons, library and some also prefer learning outside. Spending time outside also can also improve both mental and physical well-being of the individual in this COVID-19 era as crowded learning is not the best. Spaces in the library are not enough for students in the college.

CoS Outdoor Leaning Space CoS Outdoor Leaning Space 1

By research, outdoor learning makes people happy and healthier outdoor. This place can also hold outdoor programs by lecturers and students.

This idea was initiated by SCISA. They wanted 24hrs library service in the College of Science. The college saw that 24hrs library service for students can be dangerous because of the way students behave, so the provost and the college board decided to provide an outdoor learning space for students.

This has been constructed to satisfy their need to have 24hrs library service.