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Outdoor Learning Space for Students in College of Science

College of Science creates Outdoor Learning Space for Students

The College of Science (CoS) has created an Outdoor Learning Space for the students. This was to redesign the learning space for students to learn since every student has a different learning style.

The Librarian, Mr. Richard Bruce Lamptey, emphasized that some students prefer studying inside the Learning Commons and the library to learning outside; and vice versa. Spending time outside the library can also improve both the mental and physical well-being of the individual in this COVID-19 era as crowded learning is not the best. Available spaces in the library are not enough for the increasing number of students in the college. Hence, the need for the Outdoor Learning Space.

CoS Outdoor Leaning Space CoS Outdoor Leaning Space 1

Besides exciting outdoor learning and discussion among students, lecturers and students can organize outdoor programs to promote teaching, learning and research.

The College of Science Students Association (SCISA) initiated the idea to create a new learning space. Initially, SCISA wanted a 24-hour library service in the college. This request was not approved due to certain reasons and constraints. Instead, the College Board and the Provost provided SCISA with the Outdoor Learning Space to address the request for the 24-hour library service. The students together with their executives were happy and appreciative of the support from the College.