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The recent vacation witnessed a dynamic wave of educational engagement as our community enthusiastically embraced the OUT CAMPUS EVENTS (OCE) initiative. A diverse range of activities unfolded, providing ScisAns with an immersive and enriching experience interms of skills development, creating opportunities and the atmosphere of learning and having fun. Our official partners were Campus Hype Crew and Delaws Graphics. The following talk of the events that went on.


Internship and scholarship talk Insight into internships and scholarship opportunities were shared, guiding ScisAns towards valuable experiences and educational advancements. This took place on September 17, 2023 on twitter.


The Opportunity Bank provides students and alumni with a resourceful platform to explore internships, research opportunities, scholarships, online jobs and more. This initiative provides both students and alumni the opportunity to achieving their goals.


In a commendable move towards students welfare, OCE dedicated efforts to raising awareness about breast cancer. This was done in collaboration with the office of the Women’s Commissioner. Awareness campaigns were conducted to educate students about early detection, prevention, and importance of regular screenings. This initiative, dubbed Boobtober, reflects the commitment of the Science Students Association to holistic student well-being. This took place in the month of October.



Graphic Design

Creativity took center stage as ScisAns explored the world of graphic design, learning to communicate visually and aesthetically. 211 people participated in this section. Took place on 20th - 22nd November, 2023. The facilitators were, Mr. Lawer Gideon CEO of Delaws Graphics and Mr. Afriyie Brobbey Christopher CEO of Krisy media. Participants dived into the intricacies of Microsoft Office, honing skills crucial for academic and professional success. This took place on 24th November, 2023. Mr. Kobina.A. Adu CEO of Pytech Hub was the facilitator with I88 Participants.

Microsoft Office

Participants dived into the intricacies of Microsoft Office, honing skills crucial for academic and professional success. This took place on 24th November, 2023. Mr. Kobina.A. Adu CEO of Pytech Hub was the facilitator with I88 Participants.

Leadership and Teamwork

Empowering the next generation of leaders, sessions on leadership and teamwork fostered collaboration and effective communication among ScisAns. This took place between 27th -29th November, 2023 with165 Participants. H.E Kyeremeh Oppong Daniel, president of National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) was the facilitator.

Resume Building and Interview

Preparing for the future, ScisAns refined their resume-building techniques and polished their interviewing skills, setting the stage for successful career pursuits. Miss Sarah Kyeremeh, product manager at JP Morgan chase and Co and also the program director at Dream Hive scholarship was the facilitator. This took place between 1st - 2nd December, 2023 with 186 participants.

Content Creation / Digital Marketing

The realm of digital presence was explored through content creation and digital marketing workshops, equipping ScisAns with valuable skills for the modern world. The facilitator was Gentle the Blogger. He is a content creator, digital marketer and brand influencer. Took place between 4th - 6th December, 2023 with 177 participants.

Programming Basics

Enthusiastic coders delved into the fundamentals of programming, expanding their knowledge base and problem-solving abilities. Mr. Moro Listowel Adolwin, a final year Computer Science Student and a programming Enthusiastic was the facilitator. Happened between 8th - 9th December, 2023 with 188 participants.

Generative AI with Alle-Ai

Cutting-edge journey into Generative AI with Alle-Ai unfolded, unraveling the potential of artificial intelligence in diverse applications. The facilitators are Dickson Agyei, founder of Alle-Ai, the All- In- One-Ai platform and Caleb Aferi , COO of Alle-Ai. Happened on 10th - 11th December, 2023 with 132 participants.

SCISA TeleGames

In the spirit of camaraderie, SCISA TeleGames provided a platform for friendly competition and a break from academic routines. Variety of games that stimulate social interaction, creativity and fun were selected offering gamers the opportunity to network with peers with similar interests beyond the confines of campus. This took place on 7th- 17th November, 2023.



Understanding the challenges some students face, OCE extended support through Supplementary Exams Aid for students who trailed. This initiative provided academic resources and guidance to students who needed assistance in preparing for supplementary exams. It showcased a commitment to academic excellence and inclusivity within the student community.

SCISA Admission Helpdesk

Guidance is being extended to prospective students through the SCISA Admission Helpdesk, ensuring a seamless transition before and after admission. This is being done in collaboration with all the departmental associations in the college of science.


Benefits of participating in the OUT-CAMPUS EVENTS

  1. Enhancement of Skills.
  2. Introduction to new and emerging technologies.
  3. Improvement of self- confidence and communication skills.
  4. Fostering teamwork and leadership qualities.
  5. Granted opportunities
  6. Networking with students with similar interests.

In conclusion, the OUT-CAMPUS EVENTS (OCE), provided a platform for ScisAns to acquire useful skills, granted opportunities, knowledge gaining and means of having fun simultaneously through various training sessions and virtual gaming activities. As we embark on the upcoming academic endeavours, let the lessons learned and connections made during these activities propel us towards greater heights.