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Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Hosts ICFO-KNUST International School on the Frontiers of Light


In a vibrant collaboration between the Department of Physics at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and the renowned Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), the International School on the Frontiers of Light unfolded with grandeur. Aptly named ICFO-KNUST International School on the Frontiers of Light, the week-long event commenced on Monday, October 9th, bringing together a diverse assembly of participants.

The gathering witnessed the convergence of intellects not only from within the hallowed halls of KNUST but also from the University of Cape Coast and various academic institutions across the African continent. The program, meticulously curated to delve into the intricacies of photonics, unfolded as a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and expertise in this cutting-edge field.


The agenda for the week was nothing short of comprehensive, covering a spectrum of topics from fundamental introductions to advanced explorations in the realm of photonics. The esteemed lineup of speakers included luminaries in the field, such as Robert Sewell from ICFO, who initiated the event with an insightful lecture on "Introduction to Photonics."

Distinguished presentations followed, featuring experts like Peter de Groot from Zygo Corporation, shedding light on "Optical Dimensional Metrology." Seminars by Moses Jojo Eghan from the University of Cape Coast and Iddrisu Danlard from Sunyani Technical University enriched the program, showcasing the diversity of perspectives within the scientific community.

Workshops and Engagements Enrich the Learning Experience

The event did not merely revolve around lectures and seminars; it embraced interactive workshops and student talks. Notable sessions included the Photonics Explorer Kit workshop and a workshop on "Decarbonization Technologies: Carbon Capture and Utilization," delivered by Viktoriia Holovanova and Barbara Polesso of ICFO.

Allison Romanyshyn, SPIE Senior Director of Community Engagement & Chief Inclusion Officer, and Robert Sewell, ICFO Head of Academic Affairs, spearheaded an engaging workshop. This session, along with others, fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas and hands-on experiences.

ictoThe week also saw captivating lectures on "Atomic Quantum Sensors in Searches for Dark Matter and New Physics" by Morgan Mitchell of ICREA & ICFO, and "Ultrafast Lasers and Their Applications to (Quantum) Materials" by Allan Johnson from IMDEA Nanoscience. Martin Leahy from the University of Galway shared insights into "Solving Biomedical Problems with Light." 

The ICFO-KNUST International School on the Frontiers of Light not only bridged geographical gaps but also served as a testament to the commitment of academic institutions to foster global partnerships for the advancement of scientific knowledge. As the curtains drew close on this illuminating week, the echoes of shared insights and collaborative endeavors resonated within the academic corridors of KNUST.