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KNUST Counseling Center Hosts Empowering Forum to Enhance Emotional Well-Being in the Academic Setting


The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology's Counseling Center (KCC) joined forces with the Science Students Association (SCISA) to host an enlightening open forum for students in the College of Science. The event, aptly named "Building Emotional Well-Being for the Academic Setting," took place at ff1 of the Aboagye Menyeh Complex of the college. It saw the collaboration of counseling experts from various faculties within the university, as well as student peer counselors.

The forum's primary objective was to create a platform where participants could openly discuss and address emotional distress issues commonly faced by students. They engaged in conversations about coping mechanisms, identifying triggers that may lead to suicidal thoughts, and the support networks available to them during challenging times.


The participants earnestly responded to the thought-provoking questions posed by the counselors. Among the key takeaways was the suggestion for the university to incorporate extracurricular activities into the academic calendar to help students release stress and strike a healthier work-life balance. They also expressed concern over the tightly packed academic schedule, emphasizing the importance of periodic breaks for students to rest and rejuvenate instead of solely focusing on studying.

forumMrs. Bernice Ofosuhene Peasah, a dedicated counselor, expressed her satisfaction with the program's impact. She acknowledged that even though the number of participants was slightly lower than expected, the depth of engagement from those present was commendable. The counseling team is determined to organize more forums within the college and across the university, recognizing the significance of proactive measures rather than simply reacting to crises.

The open forum proved to be an empowering experience for the students, fostering a sense of community and emphasizing the importance of mental well-being within the academic environment. Participants left with a greater understanding of how to identify and address emotional challenges and the resources available to support them during their academic journey.

The collaboration between the KNUST Counseling Center and the Science Students Association showcased the university's commitment to nurturing its students' holistic development. By proactively addressing emotional well-being, KNUST is creating a more supportive and conducive learning environment where students can thrive academically and personally.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, KCC and SCISA are determined to organize more such forums, encouraging students to prioritize their mental health and seek help when needed. Through these initiatives, KNUST is paving the way for enhanced emotional well-being and resilience within its student community, fostering a brighter future for all its learners.