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KNUST College of Science Hosts Open Day for Over 700 High School Students to Enhance Tertiary Education Awareness

CoS Open Day

The College of Science at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) recently organized an Open Day event, drawing over 700 students from various second-cycle schools in the Ashanti region. This initiative aimed to provide guidance and mentorship, enhancing the students' awareness of tertiary programs and helping them make informed decisions about their academic futures.

The intervention was designed to bridge the knowledge gap and alleviate the struggles and confusion often faced by university students later in their academic journeys. Fourteen second-cycle schools participated in the event, which sought to enlighten prospective students about the various science programs offered at KNUST.

The Open Day revealed a common issue among university students: many are enrolled in academic programs that do not align with their interests, and some realize the relevance of their programs too late in their academic careers. This misalignment can hinder their ability to excel. To address this, the College of Science aimed to inform students about programs that align with their interests and potential career paths.

Prof. Osei Akoto, Dean FPCS

Professor Osei Akoto, Dean of the Faculty of Physical and Computational Sciences, emphasized the importance of early awareness in making academic choices. "We have observed that when students are admitted to the university, they are often unaware of their program choices. By the time they realize the importance of their programs, they may be in their third or fourth year, struggling to meet their score averages," he said. "If they develop an interest early, their university experience will be more fulfilling and productive."

CoS Open Day

During the event, students toured state-of-the-art laboratories, research facilities, and academic departments within the College of Science. This hands-on experience aimed to provide them with a clearer understanding of the opportunities available and how these programs align with real-world applications.

Professor Reuben Yao Tamakloe, chairman of the organizing committee,  stated, highlighting the event's purpose. "Initially, we planned to involve ten schools, but the importance of the event led us to expand to fourteen. Our goal is to open students' eyes to their future possibilities and help them make informed decisions about their academic paths,".

Prof. Reuben Tamakloe

The participating students expressed their excitement and appreciation for the event. Yasmin Ibrahim from Ejisuman SHS shared her insights, saying, "I've learned that science is not always about medicine. We visited the Department of Physics and discovered many interesting courses. Seeing the work of KNUST students in this department, I'm sure I will choose one of these courses."

The Open Day at KNUST's College of Science is a testament to the university's commitment to fostering informed and enthusiastic future scientists. By providing early exposure and detailed information about available programs, KNUST aims to ensure that students can make well-informed decisions that align with their interests and career aspirations.

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