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Kenneth Sena Bleko, the Valedictorian of the College of Science, KNUST Class of 2023

Mr. Sena Blako

Kenneth Sena Blekor, a student of Actuarial Science, emerged as the overall best student and was adjudged the Valedictorian of the College of Science with a Cumulative Weighted Average (CWA) of 84.74.

In his speech, he resonated gratitude for the guidance of a higher power and the unwavering support of parents and guardians, which he credited for the successes achieved by the graduating class.

In a heartfelt tribute to the collective journey of the graduates, He reflected on the diverse experiences they shared throughout their academic pursuits. He spoke of challenges conquered, friendships forged, and cherished memories, underscoring the Actuarial Science class 2023 as a beacon of unity.

Addressing the future, Kenneth urged his fellow graduates to build upon the solid foundation laid by their education, emphasizing the values of integrity, perseverance, and truthfulness. Drawing from past experiences, he noted the need to learn from mistakes and translate those lessons into a blueprint for a better future." The world eagerly anticipates our achievements, and we must prepare to showcase our capabilities. While our noble institution has provided us with valuable training, personal initiative is essential for addressing the challenges around us. Let us diligently build upon the foundation laid by KNUST. As individuals from academic backgrounds, we must lead lives of honour, morality, and ethics, upholding values like integrity, perseverance, patience, and truthfulness. We have made mistakes in the past, and we have learned some lessons. My friend Ransford Agyeman has a quote I love so much, "with lessons from the past, we build a better future". Let us build a better future from the lessons we learned from our past. The memoryless property of the exponential distribution tells us one thing: we have to forget what has happened in the past and face what lies ahead of us. With the Markov property, tell us that tomorrow depends on our actions today." He stated.

Encouraging proactive engagement with the world beyond academic prowess, Kenneth advocated cultivating skills and values for driving positive societal change. He reminded graduates of the importance of maintaining a balance between personal growth, spirituality, and fostering meaningful relationships. "As we transition from the university into the world, let us face our challenges head-on, taking actions, rather than standing at the sideline and criticizing people without making any effort. There's much more beyond our grades; the world needs polished talents. People who are knowledgeable and have additional knowledge possess the skills and values that will drive society forward. As we face life, let us not get too busy and ignore the most important things in life: our walk with God and love for our family, friends, and humanity." He stated.