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Enhancing RAGA Project Research with New Laptops


On August 8, 2023, a significant development unfolded within the College of Science at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Students engaged in the RAGA project were provided with laptops, a crucial tool for their research efforts.

The RAGA project, known for its data-driven focus, understands the importance of computational power. To ensure that financial constraints don't hinder progress, each student on the project has been given a Lenovo laptop. Dr. Cyril D. Boateng, the head of the RAGA project, welcomed everyone to the event held in the College of Science Ibis Tek conference room.

ragaThe Provost of the College of Science, Prof. Leonard Amekudzi, highlighted the significance of data in his address. He stressed that laptops are now indispensable for such projects, as they facilitate data processing and analysis. Prof. Amekudzi urged research assistants to use the laptops wisely, aligning them with the project's goals.

Co-PI Professor Wemegah emphasized the laptops' practical role in propelling the project forward. He also mentioned the potential collaboration with University Information Technology Services (UITS) to provide software licenses, enhancing the project's analytical capabilities.

In response, the research assistants expressed their dedication to the project's success. With laptops in hand, they are ready to contribute effectively to the project's advancement.

This laptop distribution marks a pivotal moment for the RAGA project, enhancing its research capabilities and reflecting the university's commitment to fostering innovation.