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College of Science Organizes Durbar to Commend Staff for Semester Examination Efforts

Cos Durbar

In a show of appreciation for the dedication and hard work of its staff, the College of Science at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) organized a durbar following the conclusion of the first semester examinations. The event is planned by the College management, aimed to refresh and express gratitude to the staff, including Senior Members, Senior Staff, contract staff, and national service personnel, for their precious contributions during the first semester examination period.


The durbar, a traditional gathering celebrated with pomp and ceremony, saw a significant audience of participants eager to join in the festivities. Prof. Osei Akoto, the Dean of the Faculty of Physical and Computational Sciences and Act on behalf of the College Provost at the program, took to the podium to commend the staff for their unwavering dedication towards ensuring the smooth conduct of the examinations.

Prof Osei Akoto, Dean FPCS

During his address, Prof. Akoto candidly addressed the challenges encountered during the examination period, notably the disruptive effects of power outages on online examinations and the discomfort caused by managing the power plant. In a promising announcement, he revealed that approval had been granted for the College to construct a solar plant. This initiative aims to bolster energy capacity and mitigate the impact of power crises, ensuring uninterrupted operations even in the event of future power outages.

Prof. Charlse Sebil, CEO CoS

The College's Examinations Officer, Prof. Charlse Sebil, also took the opportunity to extend heartfelt commendations to all staff members for their collective efforts in ensuring the successful conduct of the examinations. Their diligence and commitment, he emphasized, were pivotal in maintaining academic integrity and upholding the College's standards of excellence.

As the durbar drew to a close, participants left with a renewed sense of camaraderie and appreciation for their contributions towards advancing the College's academic mission. The event served as a poignant reminder of the invaluable role played by staff members in shaping the academic landscape of KNUST's College of Science.