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The College of Science, KNUST Robotics Club organizes a Robotics Impact session for students of Glory Vel School.


On the 7th of June 2023, a group of 30 Junior High School (JHS) students from Glory Vel School, accompanied by their teachers, embarked on an educational excursion to the prestigious College of Science Robotics Club at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). The purpose of the visit was to introduce the students to the fascinating world of computer science and enlighten them about the countless career opportunities that lie ahead. This remarkable experience was made possible through the efforts of Prof (Mrs.) Ibok Oduro, who facilitated the visit, and the gracious hospitality of Dr. Rose-Mary Gyening and Dr. Kate Takyi, who hosted the students in the Department of Computer Science lab.


Upon arrival, the young learners were warmly welcomed by their mentors for the day, student members of the Robotics Club. Under their guidance, the students were organized into groups of five, each assigned a student mentor. The journey of exploration began as the mentors led their groups through the process of building electronic circuits using Arduino, a widely-used open-source electronics platform. The students were thrilled to discover the intricacies of controlling LEDs, buzzers, and servo motors, gaining hands-on experience in bringing these components to life. Throughout the two-hour session, the enthusiastic teams acquired valuable knowledge about simple circuits, LEDs, jumper wires, Arduino boards, buzzers, and breadboards. Engaging in interactive question-and-answer sessions, the students eagerly shared their genuine excitement and curiosity, fueling the positive atmosphere that enveloped the laboratory.


One of the most memorable moments of the visit was a captivating presentation delivered by David Nintang, a remarkable second-year student from the Computer Science Department. David, who serves as both the student leader of the College of Science Robotics Club and a former robotics and STEM world champion, shared his journey, highlighting the challenges he faced and the invaluable role mentorship played in shaping his educational path in STEM. The young visitors were captivated by his words, finding inspiration in his success story and recognizing the immense potential that lies within each of them.


Throughout the visit, the students were privileged to interact with seasoned lecturers, who shared their profound wisdom and expertise. The educators imparted invaluable insights into the field of computer science, shedding light on the myriad possibilities that await those who choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the esteemed university. The Glory Vel students departed from their enlightening experience at the KNUST College of Science Robotics Club with newfound enthusiasm, motivated to explore the vast world of computer science and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

This extraordinary visit served as a testament to the power of mentorship, fostering a deep passion for learning and igniting the spark of innovation within the young's minds. The College of Science Robotics Club at KNUST, in collaboration with Glory Vel School, has demonstrated its commitment to nurturing the next generation of technological leaders, ensuring a brighter future for Ghana's scientific landscape.