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College of Science Holds Seminar on Mentorship and Recruitment Policies

College of Science Holds Seminar on Mentorship and Recruitment Policies

The College of Science (CoS) Seminar and Conference Committee in collaboration with the University Policy Champions organized a Seminar on Mentorship and Recruitment Policies on Wednesday 7th July, 2021 at the Allotey Auditorium of the Aboagye Menyeh Complex.

The University Policy Champions is a Committee set up by the University Management to drive and ensure the sensitization of all the policies to propel the University into a higher height. 

The Team led by Professor (Mrs.) Ibok Oduro and other members of the Committee including Rev. Professor Williams Obeng Denteh (who is also the College of Science Mentorship Coordinator), Dr. Vivian Boamah of the Department of Pharmaceutics, Dr. Akosua Amankwah of the Department of Fashion, and Mr. Abraham Adusei as Secretary to the Committee, interacted with the Senior Members of CoS.


Prof. Leonard K. Amekudzi
The Chairman/Provost-CoS, Prof. Leonard K. Amekudzi


The Seminar was chaired by the Provost-CoS, Professor Leonard K. Amekudzi. In his opening remarks, he underscored the significance of mentorship policies in providing guidelines and also, maintaining standards and ethics in any institution.

 Dr. (Mrs) Vivian Boamah gave a presentation on the Mentorship Policy and it was followed by a presentation on the Recruitment Policy by Dr. (Mrs.) Akosua Amankwah. Senior Members were encouraged to read more on the Mentorship and Recruitment Policies available online and act accordingly.


The Provost and Registrar of CoS together with members of the University Policy Champions Committee interacted with the Senior Members present during questions and answers time.

Some Questions and Responses:

  1.  A Senior Member asked why a mentor will be formally assigned to a newly recruit staff instead of allowing the new staff to search for a mentor by themselves before formalizing same. In response, the Chairman of the Policy Champions stated that although this form of mentoring is ideal, many members of faculty and/or novice professionals are not privy to such relationships or privileges. Natural mentoring takes place among persons who feel comfortable with each other. However, formal mentoring develops when there is an executive commitment for it and advocates are ready to argue for such a scheme. A formal mentoring programme extends the mentoring experience to those who may not readily find informal mentors or who would not otherwise consider it. A formal mentoring scheme, unlike the informal type, has a clear rationale, measurable goals and outcomes, mechanisms for assessment, selection of mentors and mentees, accountability, since the University should be able to monitor the results.
  2.  A Senior Member wondered why Provosts do not go outside the University’s confines to scout for new recruits. A follow up question by another Senior Member asked why most of the positions are not advertised to attract faculty members of international status. In response by the Chairman of the Policy Champions, she reiterated Provosts can, as a matter of fact go scouting only when they have the green light from government. The Chairman, in an answer also stated that positions in the Universities are always advertised in the daily newspapers as well as on the University’s website.
  3. Other questions/concerns included the type of journals that are classified as predatory during submission of promotion documents only for same journals to be classified not predatory after few years. The College Registrar who was also present stated that the College Library was billed to organize a workshop for faculty members in few weeks and that Senior Members were encouraged to attend so that such questions/concerns would be dealt with.

In his closing remarks, the Chairman/Provost-CoS, Prof. Amekudzi thanked the University Policy Champions and the College of Science Seminar and Conference Committee for putting up such a timely and great seminar.

The Seminar was well attended by Senior Members of the CoS. Also, present were the Deans of Faculty of Biosciences and Faculty of Physical and Computational Sciences, Heads of Departments and Past Provosts of the College.

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