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The Fresher's Orientation Program at the College of Science (CoS), KNUST was a crucial step in the transition of new students to university life. The purpose of this program was to provide a comprehensive understanding of the campus environment, its staff, and its facilities, which would enable the students to feel more at ease and confident in their new surroundings. This, in turn, would make it easier for them to excel in their studies.

The program was split into separate sessions for the two faculties (Faculty of Biosciences and Faculty of Physical and Computational Sciences) which took place at the various auditoriums of the Aboagye Menyeh Complex of the College.

The Fresher's Orientation was designed to familiarize the new students with the policies, procedures, and resources available to them at the College of Science. The Provost and other officers were in attendance to welcome the freshers' and provide information on various topics that are crucial for a successful university experience.


The Provost, Prof. Leonard K. Amekudzi emphasized in his speech the importance of utilizing the counselling services available on campus, which are designed to support students in overcoming the challenges and difficulties they may encounter during their university journey.

He encouraged the students to embrace the opportunities available to them at the College of Science and make the most of their time there. The Provost challenged each student to dream big, work hard, and never give up. He expressed his confidence in their ability to achieve great things and wished them all the best in their university journey.

The Registrar, Mr. Anthony Adjapong highlighted the history of the College and also walked the students through the ethics of the University. He also added how to use and manage the facilities of the College and the University at large. He concluded that every aspect of the Students Guide handbook is essential and must be fully observed as they begin their term at the University.


The College Examinations Officer also deliver a speech on University examination rules, which discussed the examination policies and procedures of the University and stressed the importance of familiarizing oneself with the examination rules and regulations, regular attendance, and submitting assignments on time.

The Systems Analyst in his speech on Information Technology (IT) services, provided an overview of the University Information Technology Services (UITS) resources available to students and emphasized the importance of utilizing them for academic purposes while maintaining responsible and ethical use of technology.

COS Examinations officer

A speech on student personal finance management discussed the importance of managing one's finances during university life and provided tips on budgeting, saving, and avoiding overspending.

Another speech was delivered on school fees payment and scholarships, providing information on the payment of school fees, scholarships available to students, and the eligibility criteria and application procedures for scholarships.

A speech on general school rules discussed the policies and procedures of the university and emphasized the importance of familiarizing oneself with the rules and regulations and conducting oneself in a responsible and respectful manner.


The Fresher's Orientation Program at the College of Science, KNUST was a valuable opportunity for the new students to get familiarized with the university and the resources available to them. The speeches delivered by the Provost and other officers provided useful information that will help the students make the most of their university experience. The program aimed to make the transition to university life as smooth and comfortable as possible, which will contribute to the student’s academic success and overall well-being.