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Afrisnet Global Research Webinar Explores the Neurobiology of the World's Most Dangerous Animal

Afrisnet Global Research Webina

The Afrisnet Global Research Webinar (GREW), in collaboration with the Office of the Dean of Biosciences, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science(KNUST) successfully hosted a one-day webinar on the intriguing research topic, "Neurobiology of the World's Most Dangerous Animal." The event took place via Zoom on May 31, 2023, commencing at 10:30 am at the College of Science.

Under the guidance of Professor Antonia Tetteh, the Dean of Biosciences, the webinar aimed to emphasize the significance of research while providing students and faculty members with recent and groundbreaking research findings. The event attracted the participation of 43 students who joined the Zoom meeting at the GF2 room of the College of Science, with numerous others joining online individually.Afrisnet Global Research Webinar

The highlight of the webinar was a captivating presentation by renowned researcher Professor Leslie Vosshall from Rockefeller University, USA. Prof. Vosshall, an expert in neurogenetics and behavior, delved into the intriguing topic of the "Neurobiology of the World's Most Dangerous Animal." Her talk shed light on the fascinating reasons behind the varying attractiveness of individuals to mosquitoes.

The audience was engrossed as Prof. Vosshall shared interesting and informative findings on the mosquito's preference for certain individuals over others. Her expertise in neurobiology allowed her to explore the underlying genetic and behavioral factors contributing to mosquito bites, thus providing valuable insights for future research and potential solutions in combating mosquito-borne diseases.

During her opening remarks, Prof. Antonia Tetteh expressed her gratitude to Afrisnet Global Research Webinar (GREW) for their recognition of the importance of research and for organizing such a thought-provoking webinar. She acknowledged the invaluable opportunity it presented for both students and faculty members to enhance their understanding of cutting-edge scientific research.

Afrisnet Global Research Webina

IAfrisnet Global Research Webinan addition to the distinguished speakers, several prominent members of staff were present at the webinar. Notably, the Registrar for the Faculty of Bioscience, Mrs. Gladys Addai, played an essential role in ensuring the smooth organization and coordination of the event. Prof. Jacob Agbenorhevi, a respected faculty member and Prof. (Mrs.) Faustina Wireko-Manu from the Faculty Seminar Committee was also among the esteemed individuals present, contributing to the success of the webinar.

The interactive nature of the webinar fostered an engaging environment where participants were encouraged to ask questions and share their thoughts on the subject matter. The research insights provided by Prof. Vosshall stimulated fruitful discussions among attendees, further enriching their knowledge and understanding of the neurobiology of mosquito attraction. The Afrisnet Global Research Webinar (GREW) and the Office of the Dean of Biosciences have once again demonstrated their commitment to promoting research and knowledge-sharing within the field of Biosciences. By hosting such events, they continue to create platforms that inspire and inform students and faculty members, furthering scientific advancement and innovation in the process.

With the successful conclusion of this webinar, participants left with a deeper appreciation for the intricate neurobiology behind mosquito attraction, setting the stage for future research endeavors that may help mitigate the impact of mosquito-borne diseases on society.