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Science and Technology Seminar Series for Girls 2019

Science and Technology Seminar Series for Girls (20th – 21st June, 2019)

Science and Technology Seminar Series for Girls 2019


Science and Technology has been mystified and is generally perceived as the preserve of boys. This results in a lack of interest by girls towards science-based courses and careers. Although equal prospects exist for all, many female students lack knowledge on science programs run in secondary and tertiary Institutions to make informed choices. The few who get some form of advice, are usually misguided ending up in programs that are either not aligned with their academic interests or career objectives. In addition, those in the public schools in particular, get inadequate mentoring from their tutors to spur them on to higher heights. 

Project Objectives

The aim is to encourage, educate and generate the interest of Females in the lower levels of the academic ladder, especially from less privileged communities to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics courses and careers. It further seeks to build capacity of tutors to mentor and aid students make informed educational and career choices

Target Group for 2019

Kotei Community

  • Female students of the Kotei Junior High Secondary School
  • Female students of the Rahko Junior High Secondary School
  • All Teachers of the Kotei and Rahko Junior High Secondary Schools

Expected Outcomes for 2019 

  1. "Science and Technology made friendly" to a minimum of 150 female students in the Kotei community
  2. A minimum of 150 female students enlightened on the various programmes in senior high schools, their linkages to programmes in higher Institutions of learning and career prospects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  3. A minimum of 150 female students given opportunity to tour selected laboratories and work stations in the University. This is to ignite their interest in scientific and developmental research as well as spur them on to higher heights in education and personal development
  4. Teachers in the Kotei R/C Junior High School and Rahko School empowered to coach and mentor students as well as guide them in the selection of secondary school courses towards reaching their academic and career aspirations
  5. Head teachers in the KNUST catchment area empowered through a leadership and mentorship workshop

How the activity will contribute to strengthening the local alumni community

The alumni particularly, Kumasi Chapter of the DAN-G network, will be contacted and involved in the actual programme implementation as well as mobilization of resources. This has already commenced with confirmed commitment and support from some members; the initial organizing team has increased from 4 to 6 and many more have pledged their support in diverse ways including willingness to serve as facilitators for the training sessions. Ultimately, the initiative will provide another platform for the local alumni to meet, form new networks among themselves and give back to society  by motivating and mentoring the younger generation.

Project Team


  • Abena Achiaa Boakye (PhD) -;

Initiated this project and Chair for the organising team

  • Mrs. Lydia Otoo -; PRO and Treasurer for this project
  • John Boulard Forkuor (PhD) -; Organiser for this project
  • Collins Duodu (PhD) -; Secretary for this project
  • Vivian Boamah (PhD) - ; PRO
  • Blissbern O. Peprah -; Co-organiser

** Prof William Otoo Ellis: Mentor and Coordinator

** Prof Mrs. Ibok Oduro: Mentor and Coordinator

Other Partners

  • College of Science, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
  • Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Ghana (WiSTEM) 
  • GH. Scientific