Science Students' Association

The College has a Science Students Association which serves as an umbrella body for all students in the College and seeks to:

As part of its programmes, a number of educational and social activities are undertaken by the Association each year; these include:
Week Celebration – i. Outreach programmes to senior high schools and other societal institutions.
ii. Launch with educational seminar for students.
iii. College socializing event.
iv. Entrepreneurship training

Trade and Technology Fair (TRATECH) – A platform where students get the chance to display what they have learnt.
Science Fair and Blood Donation
Clean up Exercise
Quiz and Debate Competition etc.
Community volunteer and sensitization programmes

Constituent Departments

Science Students’ Association (SCISA) KNUST was founded in September 1982 and comprises of nine departmental associations. It currently has a membership of over 5000 students. The Departmental Associations are:

The Executive Body

SCISA has an executive structure and a council level mode of administration.
The executive is made up of the president, vice president, secretary, organizing secretary, treasurer and the women’s commissioner. The council is made up of departmental association presidents and secretaries, committee chairpersons and class representatives.

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