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College of Science Celebrates Valentine's Day

College of science birthday cake

Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide on February 14 to show love for one another. It is a day that symbolizes love among partners and friends. This was demonstrated by the Provost of Premier and Preferred College of Science. Prof. Ibok Oduro brought her staff together in her office and surprised them with a great package.

cos birthday celebration

Prof. Ibok Oduro opening the chocolate Cake to start the celebration

The celebration of the day was brief but packed with love, joy and positive feelings to the amusement of the staff. It started with a powerful prayer led by the Provost herself. She then cut a well packaged Chocolate cake together with five other members of the staff each representing a section within her great office.

cos birthday celebration

Cake cutting by Provost and the members of her staff

This symbolized togetherness and oneness that led to a very special feeling in the room. Love and joy filled the air as everyone enjoyed each other’s company.

cos birthday celebration

Prof. Ibok Oduro interacting with members of staff in the mood of the celebration

She said in a jovial manner for all those who do not have a loved one to celebrate this special day with; this is a special one for you. Everyone laughed and cheered.

cos birthday celebration

Members of staff enjoying themselves

Finally, vote of thanks was given by the librarian of the College and blessed the Provost on behalf of the staff present. The feedback from staff was great to the extent that someone whispered that she has proven herself to be worthy of description and praise.

Long live Provost, long live College of Science!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

college of science staff interacting among themselves

Members of staff interacting among themselves

cos birthday celebration

Valentine's Day Package: The Chocolate Cake

cos birthday celebration

Chocolate Cake